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P2 PACKAGING & CONES was created with a Vision to serve the Ice Cream and Frozen Dessert Manufacturers in the UNORGANISED SECTOR. It is basically a B2B platform for providing solutions and efficient and Quality Service to the Industry.

INDIA has a parallel Manufacturing base in the Unorganised Sector, which is in some cases, is LARGER than the Organised Sector. Their BASIC STRENGTH is their LOCAL availability and in-depth PENETRATION which is sometimes lacking in the Organised Sector. Apart from this the QUICK reaction to LOCAL Tastes and Requirement is a major Plus point with them.


Important milestone to achieve is, “To ensure availability of best quality of Cones, Sleeves & wooden sticks to the small ice cream manufacturers of rural areas of northern India”.

In consequence, the focus is on continual improvement in supply chain management through strategic distribution route planning, freight cost reduction by changing packing pattern towards a commitment for the better always and at any cost.


Mr. Kaushal Kumar, a young aged innovative and dynamic entrepreneur, founded P2 Packaging & Cones. on July’2021 with a view to provide best quality of Cones, Sleeves & Wooden sticks even to the smallest ice cream manufacturer.

He is a highly versatile Sales Manager with in depth knowledge of gauging the Customer/ Client requirements and immediate identification of the Bottlenecks in SERVICING part of the INDUSTRY.


Mr. Kaushal Kumar started his career selling Life Insurance, in the year 2000. His lovable personality and service attitude made him a hot star for LIC in NCR. He instantly realized his STRENGTH in gaining the trust of people and hence he graduated to providing Financial Services to his clientele.


In the year 2016 he visited various parts of India and UAE and he identified a Market GAP in the Ice Cream Industry. Here started the JOURNEY in the Ice Cream Industry. He served at Laxmi Wafers N Cones (LWC) almost for 6 years at CEO level. In fact, at LWC foundation stone was laid by Mr. Kaushal Kumar. He was the deriving force behind turning LWC from concept to reality. Mr. Kaushal Kumar was instrumental in starting from Visualising the Concept to setting up the Production Unit to Marketing, he was totally involved in the total process.


He realized, very early, that he would need to broach on his own. Here also he realized that his basic strength was SALES and CUSTOMER AQUISTION. THUS WAS BORN P2 PACKAGING & CONES. Whereas Mr. Kaushal Kumar handles the Front end of SALES, Customer Acquisition and Retention. He would need a seasoned and Senior Person to help in setting up the system in place.

GM - Operations


He is supported by Mr. M Vishwanath, an extremely Senior Manager with experience of more than 40 years. He has been working in Various Parts of India and has travelled to most parts of South East Asia. He has instrumental in setting up various Production units in Packaging Industry including PET/HDPE Containers, Plastic and Metal Closures, Apparel Industry and many other varied Industries including the Food Industry. Mr. M Vishwanath’s FORTE is creating SYSTEMS to cater to all eventualities of an organization. Mr. M Vishwanath looks after the Procurement and Product Mix strategies. He is incharge of the Administrative Part and Backend operations.

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The Ice Cream Industry in INDIA is around 165 Billion INR.  It is growing at a pace of around 17% and is expected to reach around 430 Billion INR by 2027. In terms of weight (volume) the TAKE HOME SEGMENT is the largest segment. CUP Packing is the largest in volume. Retail sales are much higher than Institutional sales.


Major Key Players are Kwality Walls, Amul, Vadilal,Mother Diary, Hatsun, Cream Bell and now Havmore. Interestingly North is a seasonal Market but Delhi and Gujrat consist of 30% of the Market.

Interestingly the Organised Manufacturers caters to around 60% of the Domestic Sales and the UNORGANISED Manufacturers  40% of the market share

Keeping the above figures in view, Mr. Kaushal Kumar Targeted the NORTH INDIA UNORGANISED SECTOR. This market is around 20 Billion INR at present i.e. 2000 crores.  The unorganized sector is very strong in the LOCAL RETAIL MARKET of that particular Town or City. Also they are primarily in the ICE CREAM CANDY and CUP section. They are not very strong in the Take Home Section. This section is totally dominated by the Organised Sector.


One Stop Solution For Packaging And Ingredients For The Ice Cream & Frozen Dessert Industry

P2 Packaging & Cones

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