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The Ice Cream Industry in INDIA is around 165 Billion INR.  It is growing at a pace of around 17% and is expected to reach around 430 Billion INR by 2027. In terms of weight (volume) the TAKE HOME SEGMENT is the largest segment. CUP Packing is the largest in volume. Retail sales are much higher than Institutional sales.


Major Key Players are Kwality Walls, Amul, Vadilal,Mother Diary, Hatsun, Cream Bell and now Havmore. Interestingly North is a seasonal Market but Delhi and Gujrat consist of 30% of the Market.

Interestingly the Organised Manufacturers caters to around 60% of the Domestic Sales and the UNORGANISED Manufacturers  40% of the market share

Keeping the above figures in view, Mr. Kaushal Kumar Targeted the NORTH INDIA UNORGANISED SECTOR. This market is around 20 Billion INR at present i.e. 2000 crores.  The unorganized sector is very strong in the LOCAL RETAIL MARKET of that particular Town or City. Also they are primarily in the ICE CREAM CANDY and CUP section. They are not very strong in the Take Home Section. This section is totally dominated by the Organised Sector.


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